The Sound Of...A Crazy Industry (Season 2 - Episode 27)

Segment One: The Sound Of…Tix and the Music Biz:     (Time:   18:51)

Did Ticketmaster get busted scalping their own tickets? A CBC reported seems to have caught them on film and Ozzy drops his AEG lawsuit with an agreement in place for them to stop block-booking. Steve and Anne get you caught up.

Segment Two: The Sound Of…James Marshall Hendrix:     (Time:   20:33)

The Jimi Hendrix album Electric Ladyland turns 5o next month and a deluxe re-issue is on the way prompting Steve and Anne to select their favorites Hendrix songs for this week’s Top 7 List.

 Segment Three: The Sound Of…A Kiss Wedding:     (Time:   08:02)

Anne and Steve talk about Ace Frehley’s offer to be part of your wedding and the Foo Fighters somehow get soccer players in Kentucky into trouble with the NCAA.