Talkin' Rock with Uli Jon Roth

Guitar legend Uli Jon Roth is my guest today on Talkin' Rock. He rose to fame in the 70's with the Scorpions. After leaving the band he went on to become a very influential player. He's about to head out on tour (and what a tour it is) to celebrate his 50th anniversary on stage. This conversation covers a lot of topics, including....

*The intense tour he's about to embark on and his concert day (which is nuts)

*His connection to Jimi Hendrix and seeing him live

*He talks about how he doesn't really listen to music

*The 2018 G-3 tour

*Some shows he played in January with Rudolf Schenker and why one was so special

*The rise to stardom of the Scorpions after he left the band

*New music

*His Sky guitars

*The Scorpions re-visited for record store day

*Where he places himself in the guitar world

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Uli Jon Roth

Dear Friends, Dear Fans of Zeno! It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I must inform you that my dear brother Zeno Roth passed away yesterday, on Feb 5, 2018. He died in his sleep after years of illness and finally moved on to a much better place.

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