Talkin' Rock with Stone Sour's Johny Chow.

Stone Sour bassist Johny Chow is my guest today on Talkin' Rock. I talked with him before SS put out "Hydrograd", while on tour, and now after its ended. This interview covers lots of topics including.....

*His restaurant in Western New York

*Hydrograd and the entire tour cycle

*Highlights of the tour

*Corey Taylor and sharing him with another band


*Josh Rand and his rehab stint

*The grind of touring

*Awards for Hydrograd

*Reports of the guys working on new music

*Different bass players he admires

*How Stone Sour writes and records music


Al Beck returns with Rock News. Today we discuss the latest news about Korn and their new music. News on Mastodon, a rock band playing Saturday Night Live on January 19th, and a band who admits that one of thier songs may have been a career killer.

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