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Talkin’ Rock with Ray West and Rob De Luca of Spread Eagle Download

58:15 Download July 1st, 2019

On today’s episode, I reconnect with a couple old friends. One in-person, and one over the phone. I interviewed Spread Eagle way back in 1991 or so, and as life would have it, I went a couple decades without seeing any of the guys. I reconnected with Rob De Luca at a Sebastian Bach show a couple years ago. I’ve talked to and texted with Ray for the past decade, but haven’t seen him in-person in over 25 years.

With their new record coming out on August 9th called Subway to The Stars, and other projects they’re working on, I thought it would be a great time to get them on the pod. 

Ray is up first, after a wing fill-up at the Sweetwater tavern in downtown Detroit. Ray tells me all about his band Weapons Of Anew, as they tour opening up for Scott Stapp. We talk about getting Spread back together, the new album, new members in the band, rehab and getting clean, the 90’s and a possible third album, breaking up the band and tons more….all while sitting on the stage of the famous Shelter which was depicted in the movie 8 Mile. 

Rob had just gotten of tour with UFO and had just gotten back to the states so we connected by phone. We discuss former members Tommi Gallo and Paul DiBartolo and what they’re up to, the new record, writing process, working with his cousin, Rik De Luca, on drums and guitarist Ziv Shalev. He tells me what it’s like to work with a guy like Sebastian for the past 14 years…and that’s just for starters.  

Enjoy and THANK YOU for listening!


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