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Talkin’ Rock with Asking Alexandria/We Are Harlot’s Danny Worsnop Download

25:36 Download January 14th

Danny Worsop is on Talkin’ Rock today, plugging his new album “Shades Of Blue” and The Tour he’s on now. I’ve never had a chance to talk to him before so I didn’t know what to expect. What I got was a pretty candid, engaging conversation. If you’re in the south east Michigan area, Danny is playing at the Pike Room in Pontiac, Thursday January 16th. 

His solo stuff is a complete 180 from what he does with Asking Alexandria and We Are Harlot. Does he consider himself a workaholic? We talk about his drive to succeed. We discuss his home studio….which is in a constant state of repair. He gives me an update on new A.A. as well as other new music and W.A.H.. He talks about if he’s sober or not and how he handles the rock-star lifestyle without going overboard. I get his thoughts on the Royal Family and the passing of Neil Peart. 

Al Beck is back from vacation and talking about the loss of Neil. He also gives us an update on two albums coming out in 2020 from a couple heavy-hitters in this business. We also discuss the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame voting. 

Thank You so much for listening!


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Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria, We Are Harlot) returns to his roots with a unique sound inspired by his blues rock beginnings.

Talkin’ Rock With Meltdown

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