The Sound of...Record Stores (Season 1 Week 9)

The Full show (individual segments and descriptions are below):

Part One: The Sound Of…Records Time: 17:48
- Anne and Steve talk about the list of Record Store Day releases coming out on Black Friday including vinyl from Iggy Pop, Queen, Dimebag, Rush and Neil Young.
- Anne also talks about her recent tour of Third Man Records.

Part Two: The Sound Of…Halloween Time: 14:01
- In honor of Halloween Steve and Anne select their top 7 haunted, horror-based Halloween songs of all-time.

Part Three: The Sound Of…Over/Under Trivia Time: 28:26
- Rev is out so Sammy Boller from Citizen Zero sits in as Steve offers some rock & roll trivia, over/under style to both him and Anne. Then all 3 of them talk about the Kurt Cobain auction.