The Sound of...Merch (Podcast Season 1 Week 10)

The full show is above; individual segments are below:

Segment One: The Sound Of…Rock History Time: 17:22
- Anne and Steve talk the origins of rock as one of the Grandfathers of Rock Fats Domino passed away last week.
- Who were the cornerstones that rock was built on and who is left alive from that era?

Segment Two: The Sound Of…Merchandise Time: 26:03
- In honor of Kirk Hammett’s new brand of coffee, Ghoul Screamer, Steve and Anne select their top 7 all-time artists in terms of merchandising.

Segment Three: The Sound Of…New Bands Time: 19:26
- Rev is out but Anne and Steve try a new trivia challenge called Which Came First. Greta Van Fleet wins “best new artist” in the Loudwire Music Awards. Do we agree? What is our take on the current crop of young rock bands?