The Sound Of...The 5th Era of Music (Season 2 - Week 12)

Segment One: The Sound Of…5th or perhaps 6th Era (Time: 18:56)
- Revenue from streaming now makes up more than half of the money generated by record labels. Era 1 was Vinyl, 2 - Tape (both 8-Track and Cassette) 3 - CD, 4 – Digital Downloads and 5 - Streaming. Which is our favorite? Do we still own music in every configuration? Has ownership lost its value?

Segment Two: The Sound Of…repeat consumption (Time: 14:52)
- With the 5th era among us, Anne and Steve reveal the top 7 albums they have purchased over and over and over in multiple formats.

Segment Three: The Sound Of…Facial Recognition (Time: 19:27)
- The panel talks about the possibility of facial recognition software instead of tickets for entry into concerts, The Used issue a restraining order against their former guitarist, GNR’s massive box set.