Rob De Luca and Ray West from Spread Eagle

I'm a huge fan of the 1990's band Spread Eagle. They were the 2nd band I ever interviewed way back when.  I've managed to keep in contact with singer Ray West, and due to all the projects he's in, I've re-connected with Rob De Luca.

In this podcast we talk mainly about the rise and fall of the band. In the early 90's they put out a very solid debut album. Gritty, dirty, nasty and everything in between. By time they were ready to unleash their sophomore record on the world the musical landscape had changed drastically and quickly. We talk about that first album and tour, the 2nd album and the band coming to an end. We discussed what the guys have been up to since and the reformation of the band today. They also talked about former guitarist  Paul DeBartolo, who goes by a different now, and his ex-wife who appears on the cover of a pretty popular album from the 90's. Rob and Ray also tell me what other projects they're both involved with now, and more.

It's a great look into the past with two guys who battled hard in the trenches, and still do to this day. I'm really excited they agreed to do this and I only wish the best for both of them moving forward. Great guys!