Radio Chatter With Twiztid

Happy Halloween! Today it's Jamie Madrox and Monoxide from Twiztid. If you've never seen or heard these guys do yourself a favor and check them out. These guys are so kick-ass! This interview is one of the funnest I've had the pleasure to do.

We talked about horror movies, scary records, the comic book they have coming out, all that's gone on in 2017 and their upcoming plans including a new rock/rap record. You might be surprised to learn that they actually do keep their kids in check when it comes to listening to their music. They talk about the writing process, the friendship these guys have had for over 3 decades, how they turned down Woodstock 99, whether they'd like to go mainstream or not, the Detroit music scene including Kid Rock and Eminem, and tons more. A special thanks to George Vlahakis for setting this up and treating me so great.

This conversation has very NSFW language. Enjoy!