Radio Chatter with Saliva's Wayne Swinny

During this past summer Saliva came through town. One drink led to another and this episode of the podcast was born! My guest today is Saliva guitarist Wayne Swinny. I knew Wayne a little, but after a couple cocktails we started talking about the band. At that point I asked him if he wouldn't mind coming on the podcast to talk about the history of Saliva.

We talk about the begins, the name Saliva, debut album and some road stories. We also talk about how and why Josey Scott left the band. Wayne wanted to clear the air and set the record straight about everything around that history of the band. He talks about their latest song, a cover of a very popular rap song if you can believe that! He explains why they did it. It sounds killer. The guys are working hard on the next album and we should hear something in 2018.

Wayne's a great guy, and this conversation shows that.

Grab the single today:


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