Radio Chatter remembering Vinnie Paul

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

As I talked about in my blog over the weekend, hearing of VP's death has really been a tough one to swallow. Today, I walk down memory lane with some interviews I did with the metal legend. The first interview is from February of 2007. The second one is from the Spring of 2016. The next clip comes from a video I did with Vin last November at the House of Blues in Vegas. That's an entertaining one! LOL The next interview was done in the summer of 2017. My co-worker, Steve Black, shares a story of how the brothers were inseparable. I also threw in a couple clips from an interview I did with Damage Plan in January of 2004, and you can really hear how much the Abbott boys really loved each other.

Here's some of the things this podcast covers over the years of interview VP.

*How HellYeah was formed

*How they named the band

*Hockey....and more Hockey

*Kid Rock

*His business ventures

*The 25th anniversary of "Vulgar...."

*How much Dime music he has that we've never heard

*Why they covered "I Don't Care Anymore"

*Why concerts are so special

*One of his favorite albums "Appetite For Destruction"

*The first song Dime and VP ever did together

This is a podcast I didn't want to make. As much as VP was a killer drummer, he was a better dude. RIP, my friend......Meltdown