Radio Chatter with Michael Starr and Stix from Steel Panther

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Steel Panther. It's so much fun to see them live. The first time I saw the band was in Los Angeles in 2004 when they were called Metal Skool. They've grown so much since then.

 (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

First up is singer, Michael Starr. I've interviewed him and few times and he's always so cool. We talked about the new video for "Wasted Too Much Time", the quintessential S.P. album, playing big festival dates, what big rock-star sang back-ups on a song but the record company nixed it, and more.

Up next is drummer, Stix Zidinia. I've met him a bunch but I've never had the chance to interview him. He called in from the golf course and we talked about his directorial debut for the new video, drummers, working for Gene Simmons and his quintessential Panther record. He also talks about some of his favorite bands (some that might surprise you) an underrated Crue album and a killer drummer rumored to have played in the band that never did.

It's a couple fun conversations. (Some NSFW music beds)