Radio Chatter with Lita Ford

Lita Ford brings her band to Harpos this Friday, December 8th, but first she took a few minutes to talk to me. If you've ever met Lita, you know what a good person she is and she proves it again in this fun interview. She's been in a rock band and touring since she was 16! She told me about how she got her high-school diploma while she was on the road. We talk about what a great year 2017 has be for her, awards she's won, the Loudwire awards show and why she wasn't happy with how the TV presentation went over and why you won't find it on her website. We talked about the 90's and why she disappeared during most of the decade, her thoughts on "Decline of the Western Civilization 2: The Metal Years" and the impact it had on her former husband Chris Holmes, and more.