Radio Chatter with Leigh Kakaty and Matt DiRito from Pop Evil

Today on Radio Chatter it's 2/5's of Pop Evil. Their new self-titled album came out on February 16th and now the guys are hitting the tour trail spreading the music.

First up, it's Leigh. We talk about the new album and some of the process of writing it. We did talk about a couple specific songs and working with new drummer Hayley Cramer. Leigh told me about how many drum kits she used on this new record. He talks about his Michigan upbringing and what influences some of their music, including a nod to Kid Rock. He told me about the album artwork, playing all over the world, his keys to success, and more.

Second up, it's bass player Matt DiRito. We've become friends over the years and I love talking to him. We were suppose to be joined by drummer Hayley Cramer, but she was under the weather. Hopefully, I can get her on at another time. Matt's a pretty inspirational guy. From his years of sobriety, to his Star Treatments charity. Just as with the rest of the guys in the band, he's a down to Earth guy and great to talk to. Obviously, we spoke about the record, The Big Lebowski and movies they watch on tour, his great charity, his tattoo shop Libertalia Tattoo, his keys to success and lots more. Honestly, I could've talked to Matt for hours.

Both these guys are awesome humans. I hope you guys enjoy these conversations.