Radio Chatter with Kevin Martin from Candlebox

Man, it's been 25 years since the debut Candlebox album! Kevin tells me all about the early days of grunge after he moved to Seattle in the mid-80's and then becoming a part of the scene. He talks about seeing Chris Cornell as a young kid and his death, being friends with Layne Staley, and more about the music scene in the North-West. He talks about touring with one of his favorite bands, Rush. They gave Candlebox some advice, which they used for a long time. Kevin tells me about great tours and pretty much talks all about the 25 years of Candlebox. I also asked him about his keys to success and what drives him. He gave me a different answer than some in the past, but a very good answer that is well thought out.

Candlebox is at Saint Andrews in downtown Detroit this Friday night. It's a great conversation and I think you'll really like it.