Radio Chatter with Jackyl's Roman Glick

This is a pretty in-depth interview with Roman Glick. He's been around for a couple decades battling through this crazy business we call rock-n-roll, starting in the mid-90's with Brother Cane. After a recent Radio Chatter podcast with the BC front-man Damon Johnson, I hit up Roman to see if he'd be interested in talking with me. He didn't hesitate. Just like talking to Damon a few weeks back, Roman totally opened up and gave me a great interview.

He told me about meeting Damon for the first time and playing with him in the early years.....on guitar! It was cool to hear about the early days in the band and some of the beginning tours. He told me about the 'Taco Bros.' cover band and some funny stories from some text messages I received from Damon, Jesse James Dupree and hockey legend Darren McCarty. Wait until you hear about the first hockey game Roman took Jesse to. That story is CRAZY! He talked about the demise of Brother Cane, joining Jackyl and how he thought that would NEVER happen. "That Clown Cassette" came up...and that's a bizarre story. He told me why he decided to get sober and his keys to success.....just for starters. There's lots of great stuff in this conversation. Bye the way, hit up Roman's Moniker jewelry.



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