Radio Chatter with Glenn Hughes

Today, it's Rock N Roll hall of fame member Glenn Hughes on the podcast. Glenn is touring with his band preforming classic Deep Purple. He'll be playing at the Token Lounge Saturday night, after doing a Q & A and meet and greet at Rock City Music in Livonia between 12-2pm.

We touch on lots of topics today.....

*The heavy influence Detroit music played on him

*His relationships with some Detroit Icons

*The status of his super-group Black Country Communion

*Stadium bands and rock of the 70's

*Current rock bands

*The 80's haze he lived through

*Getting other rockers sober and what caused him to give up the drugs and alcohol

*Living with David Bowie

*Becoming an American

*Keys to success

*Who should be in the RNR hall of fame

Glenn was real open to talk about anything I wanted. I can't wait to see the show this weekend! Enjoy!


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