Radio Chatter with The Dead Daisies' John Corabi and Alex Grossi from Quiet Riot/H & B

Wow! What a great episode of Radio Chatter I have for you. The Dead Daisies and Hookers and Blow are heading out on tour, and John Corabi and Alex Grossi join me.

John is up first. The Dead Daisies latest record is killer. If you're into anything with a stripped back, classic feel, this album is for you. It's been forever since I've seen or talked to John. The last time was during his Motley days. Of course we talk about that as he told me a lot of stuff that I haven't heard before about his time with them.

We talk about tons of things......

*Getting banned from a Dallas radio station

*Motley Crue almost changing their name when he joined the band

*The Dirt

*His time in Motley Crue and the bands excesses

*The Dead Daisies

*Touring with iconic bands

*Michigan rock music

*Keys to success

Up next, it's guitarist Alex Grossi. He's in Quiet Riot and tours with his side band called Hookers and Blow. They're opening the show at the Machine Shop in Flint, Mi. on August 18th. Alex and I talk about.....

*The revolving door of players in the band

*Playing an old folks home (That's a crazy story)

*Quiet Riot

*Current state of music and newer bands

*How James Durbin joined QR



Two killer interviews to start the weekend. I have to thank both of these guys for giving me so much time.

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