Radio Chatter with C.J. Snare of Firehouse plus Mike and Ben from Royal Blood

On this episode of my non-award winning podcast, it's C.J. Snare from Firehouse first, followed by the two guys that make up Royal Blood, Ben Thatcher and Mike Kerr.

C.J. is up first talking about everything Firehouse. They'll be in town playing the Token Lounge on October 27th. We talk about how they tour nowadays, as opposed to how they used to do it. What Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum have to do with the history of Firehouse, the success a few of their songs have had in weddings and a great story about playing live at a wedding ceremony.  C.J. also talks about their award for the favorite new artist (heavy metal/hard rock), a win over Nirvana and Alice in Chains in 1991 and his thoughts on grundge.

Second, is Royal Blood. This band amazing live. Mike and Ben are unbelievable. They were in town opening for Queens of the Stone Age and stopped by Jack White's Third Man records where my coworker Anne Carlini was broadcasting at. I decided to put this interview on the podcast today so you can hear the guys talk about their biggest show to date, the song "I Only Lie When I Love You", if they ever thought about adding more guys to the band, and more.