Radio Chatter with Brad Arnold from 3 Doors Down

Every so often I get a chance to interview someone that gives me more than I anticipated. This, is one of those interviews. Brad actually did press for Rock-N-Roll Express tour with Collective Soul and Soul Asylum last week, but because I was on vacation he hopped on the phone with me today. I've known him for the better part of two decades and he's so down to earth, as are all the guys in 3DD. I caught the tour on a date in Detroit a couple months and a couple thing grabbed my attention. One, how well the guys played, and two, Brad mentioning his sobriety on stage. I asked him about that and he got real candid with me about why he decided to give up alcohol, and a great story involving "Mr. Charlie". You'll have to listen to find out what legend he was talking about. He tells me why he talks on a mic back by the drum riser between songs on stage, a cover song they're working on right now, his keys to success, and lots more! This is a great listen.

You can check out the 3DD guys in SE Michigan at Freedom Hill on August 7th.


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