Radio Chatter with Biff Byford from Saxon

Before I left for vacation I did a couple of interviews and this is the first one, with metal legend Biff Byford. I can remember as a kid 'playing DJ' in my basement, and one of the songs I always played was their classic "Denim and Leather". I met Biff for the first time at Rock on the Range a few years ago. When I got an email asking if I would want to talk to him, I jumped at the chance.

Their new album is out and called "Thunderbolt". It's a perfect title and fits the album to a tee. Biff talked about the record, the tribute they paid to Lemmy from Motorhead on a track and the first time he met him, success (or lack of) in America, bands and songs you might be surprised to hear he listens to, and that's just for starters. Oh, I can't forget about the 'chili challenge' that they put my friend Don Jamieson through. Too funny!



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