Monday, June 17th 2024 Dave & Chuck the Freak Full Show Download

03:11:25 Download June 17th

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how much a Dairy Queen makes, the busiest buffet, shooting at Michigan splash pad, 71-year-old woman shot roommate after he stopped cleaning up after himself, plane came within 400’ from ocean, FedEx drive collapses, couple went hiking in 108 degree weather, Dave has been up since midnight, NBA finals, NHL final, US Open, anti-trust suit involving Sunday Ticket, Bill Belichick dating 24-year-old cheerleader, Hulk Hogan beer, Gordon Ramsay nearly died in bike accident, Dr. Oz helped man who lost consciousness on plane, guy who played Smalls in Sandlot arrested, girl pooped in Theo James’ bathtub after a date, Pope hosted comedians at Vatican, weekend box office numbers, Billy Ray Cyrus was married for 7 months, woman tried to rob McDonald’s that she worked at, police found bag of cocaine hidden in cheeseburger during traffic stop, footage of truck driving in reverse full speed down highway, Walmart employee cut someone with knife during fight, guy suing Apple after wife found texts he sent to hookers, cop lost job while engaging in sexual acts while on duty at Kroger, The Sperminator says he will retire having kids at 50, woman busted collecting her deceased father’s pension for 30 years, rich guy driving around his Porche with a sex doll, people left hanging upside down for 30 min at theme park, kid playing video games in the middle of the night saved his family’s life, stranger moved into woman’s house while she was out of town, woman showed up drunk to her DUI sentencing, company fires 12 remote workers for using mouse jiggling devices, man rode a shark, delivery driver hit someone while driving finishes delivery, dainty prison inmate escaped through hole in courthouse ceiling, cop stops a scam in progress, cops in Minnesota can’t say “do you know why I pulled you over?,” Florida using drones to fight mosquitoes, croc terrorized neighborhood and they killed and ate it, 81-year-old woman named oldest train driver, drunk man lit cigar in Waffle House and attacked waitress who put it out, and more!

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