Janet Gardner from Vixen

Janet Gardner from Vixen is my guest today as she's out supporting her solo, self-titled album. If you're in the S.E. Michigan area she's playing at the Diesel Concert lounge in Chesterfield on September 2nd.

Of course we discussed her new album, and the flavor of it, the process of recording and more. She told me about the changing of the guards in the 90's, the tours of the 1980's, and some of the mega-bands she toured with. People may know that Richard Marx helped early on in their career, but we talked about how Fee Waybill helped with one of Vixen's biggest songs. We touched on the current crop of great female vocalists and she also tells a great Ronnie James Dio story. Oh...and there might be a special guest at the show on the 2nd......maybe. LOL

 (Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for IEBA)

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