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Haunted Michigan – Ed Terebus From The World Record Breaking EREBUS Haunted Attraction Download

23:46 Download September 12th

Haunted Michigan is primarily about about the paranormal aspect of our state, but I thought I’d veer off the road a little bit and bring in Ed Terebus from EREBUS – a Guinness Book Record holding haunted house in downtown Pontiac, Michigan.

Ed was great to talk to. He’s the perfect guy to talk about this place. He has so much passion for what he does, and it shows. Ed gave me the backstory of how him and his brother started out, right up until the present day. He spoke to how they design and change parts of the house.

He also talks about the Making of the Monster. A chance to walk Erebus during the day to see how it works. That sounds very interesting.

He told me about traveling the country to see other Haunted House to share ideas and thoughts.

Ok, as far as Erebus is concerned, he talked about a boiler room where a man died. He said that room has remained untouched. He talked about paranormal investigations that have taken place there. Everything from flashlights going on and off, to voice recordings of someone speaking his name! He talked about experiencing other paranormal activities in and around the building.

He’s revamped and redone some parts of the attraction. They’ll also have a Oddities and Curiosities Museum. That features funeral parlor stuff, dinosaur bones, vintage Halloween masks and TONS more.

This was a fun conversation. A huge thank you to Ed for coming by, along with his assistant, Julie Hennessey.

Happy Haunting!


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