Dad Makes Baby Beer Bong to Help Under Weight Daughter Drink Formula Download

13:17 Download March 9th, 2021

Plane was forced to land after a cat got onto the flight and lashed out… Dad posted a video feeding his baby out of beer bong to help his low weight baby… Owner of a stolen truck jumped in the back of the truck and sat in the back for 10 minutes… Man hospitalized after his car was found in a river… Long Island man was working in a grave and the grave collapsed, the man died inside… Crack house was shut down after police spotted a line of buyers going out the building…Couple whose bodies were found in their homes last week died of COVID-19… Delta airlines passenger facing a fine for striking a flight attendant in the face… New York City woman got a liver infection from nose piercing… 17-year-old is accused of shooting his neighbor with a pellet gun.   

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