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Chapter VI – JJ and the Morning Crew Download

01:16:04 Download March 14th, 2020

Part One:                                                                    Running Time:            11:25
The radio background and real story of how Jim Johnson and George Baier got together to become JJ and the Morning Crew. With stops at WWWW from 78-79, WRIF from 79-86, then WLLZ from 86-92 and finally at WCSX from 92-08.


Part Two:                                                                  Running Time:            25:27
ABC Radio assembles the first Riff All-Star lineup with JJ, George, Ken Calvert, Arthur P., Steve Kostan and Karen Savelly. The historic TV commercials start to air with the real Dick the Bruiser (the wrestler) coming to town to be part of the fun. In addition, the Dick The Bruiser Band is born.

Part Three:                                                                 Running Time:            38:11
Recording parody songs including “Dancing in the Seats” with the real Martha Reeves. And the start of WRIF’s war on disco with the D.R.E.A.D. Card.

Part Four:                                                                   Running Time:            38:11
Radio chaos that includes calling the White House, a 4th of July visit to a Navy ship with strippers, free concerts at Heart Plaza and “drunk” Meet the Bruiser.  

Part Five:                                                                    Running Time:            38:11
Stories of other radio personalities along the way including Arthur P., Howard Stern, Mark Addy, Ken Calvert, Karen Savelly and ultimately leaving WRIF.  

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