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Chapter IX – Peter Werbe Download

01:12:06 Download June 14th, 2020

Part One:   (Running Time: 14:57)

The host of Night Call and one of the original WRIF DJs Peter Werbe talks about the change over from WXYZ-FM to WRIF. The self-described anarchist, atheist and vegetarian talk show host talks about the early days with Dick Kernen, Russ Gibb, John Sinclair the 1968 riots and their connection to 2020.

 Part Two:   (Running Time: 27:40)
Peter talks about the changing culture and how Night Call survived over the years as WRIF’s ownership changed multiple times. Being terminated at what was probably the right time and the evolution of owners becoming less conservative over the years while the air personalities became more conservative. 

Part Three:   (Running Time: (53:21)
From 1973-1976 Peter did a full time talk show and later he and Juline Jordan took the Night Call format into syndication. Peter also explores the changes that have been driven by social media and technology.   

Part Four:   (Running Time: (72:06)
Peter looks back at the different decades and personalities like Arthur P., Drew and Mike, Jerry Lubin, Barba Holiday, Lee Abrams and the shifting of rock genres as WRIF is approaching the 50 year mark.

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