Great News Sanders Bumpy Cake Is Back!

Detroit favorite Sanders announced that production of their Bumpy Cakes will resume soon; they’ve found new partners to produce them. If you remember, the making of the Bumpy Cakes was paused after Livonia bakery Minnie Marie Bakers Inc. closed. Eating Bumpy Cake from Sanders When Can I Get My Bumpy Cake? A date will soon be announced when the cakes can be purchased again. Sanders said that when production is “fully resumed,” the company will sell the original chocolate flavor in regular, mini, and party sizes, as well as vanilla buttercream and carrot cake. Will I Be Able To Order Sanders Bumpy Cake Online? The answer is yes. Once the cakes are available, you can order them on this Sanders Website How To Pronounce Sanders This has always been a debate—even with our WCSX Morning Show, Big Jim's House, along with Ryan Logan. There's a Michigan way of saying it and a normal pronunciation. Some Michiganders draw out the beginning of the word Sanders with a long A ( Sone-ders). Here's an A.I. version to help the debate https://www.howtopronounce.com/sanders People Had To Go Through Bumpy Cake Withdrawl In August of 2023, the news caused a run on stores everywhere to grab the last of Michigan's favorite Bumpy cake—the news of the shortage spread across social media, news, and TV. People went as far as putting up boxes of Sanders Bumpy cakes on EBAY and being accused of price gouging. People were followed to their cars in shopping centers only to be held up for their cakes. https://youtu.be/_gmmbl06roo The Bumpy Cake History In 1912, after many attempts and long hours, Fred Sanders perfected one of our most legendary and original confections, the Chocolate Bumpy ™ Cake, by combining chocolate devil’s food cake with buttercream ridges and then pouring a rich chocolate ganache over the entire baked dessert. Fred decided to put on four ridges, and everyone loved the idea. Find Out The Complete Sanders Story from Sanders's website by clicking here