Chuck’s Tony Little Workout

Too Fat For Space

Nasty Fingernail Couch

Urine Drinking Male Model

Ordering a Moscow Mule

Kicked Out of a Concert

Turn It Down!

Blind Chopper Rescue Plan

Dave’s Nightmares

Poutine and Putin

Cocky Balboa

Chuck Luck Vacation Style

Canadian Milk

Fat Canadian Terminator

Sissy Maids

Andy’s Top Fears

Grandpa Always Loved Hookers

A Student of Lebanese Comedy

Five Buffet Girls in a Limo

Dave’s Bright Light

Indian Music Man

Taco Bell Hurt Locker

Little James the Sex Toy Salesman

Goth Business Casual

Wordle Saved a Grandma

Tinder Swindled

MC Hammer Pants

Floating on an Air Mattress

Hate for Mayo

Hitting on Men in Uniform

Grandma Stops a Shoplifter

A Public RJ

Hot Chicks Selling Caskets

Biggest Female Turn-Offs

Join Us in Winter

A Cop Delivers Chuck’s Arby’s

Barb’s Husband Stuck on a Cruise

Dave’s Old West Town

Survived a Russian Snowstorm

Cocaine Grandmas

Reporter Gets Hit By A Car

The News Shows A Dong

A Pastor Spits On A Face

Kentucky Sex Toy Fight

Soft-Spoken Badass Taxi Driver

Seniors Eat Pot Brownies

Weird Sexual Fantasies

All the Fun of Calling your Grandma

Do-Nothing Man

Braveheart CVS