Wolfgang on His Father: ‘He Never Half-A**ed Anything’ – Screamin’ Scott

Wolfgang Van Halen has spoken about the legacy of the EVH guitar and amp brand and how involved his father was before his passing. Eddie Van Halen did a lot more than just “slap his name on a product and call it a day”. Speaking in the latest edition of Guitar World, “Ed left us buckets and buckets of ideas. Some are already finished and just need a little extra tweaking to bring them along. Whether it was at a guitar show called NAMM or at a local Guitar Center by his 5150 studios, Edward was approachable when talking about guitars. Early on the Guitar god started on the drums and brother Alex on the guitar. Fortunately for rock and roll history, the guitarist changed his mind at an early age. However, fans cannot help themselves but wonder what his career would look like if he had stuck with the drums. One of the all-time greatest guitar players in rock history with his highly popular tapping guitar solos. Same with music in the Van Halen era. When Jump was released David Lee Roth was not happy and said to Eddie you are a guitar god nobody wants to hear keyboards. Eddie replied if I want keys we are going to have keys in my music. Eddie would sneak keys in whenever he could. "And the cradle will rock," and " One foot out the door," are other examples of Eddie experimenting with keyboards. Eddie was passionate about any project he was working on at the time. Like in the beginning if he didn't like the sound of a certain guitar he would take it apart and do surgery on it with spare parts till he got the sound he wanted. That's how the "Frankenstein guitar came to be. I believe there will be so much to come out about EVH that we never knew about. Wolfgang will have a hand in releasing it when and if he is ready. Till then we can turn up the volume and enjoy the memory of the great guitar player ever. https://guitar.com/review/album/wolfgang-van-halen-on-the-legacy-of-evh-he-never-half-assed-anything/ [select-gallery gallery_id="752650" syndication_name="van-halen-their-30-best-songs-ranked" description="yes"]