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Shot By Your Lady

A Woman Takes a Selfie with a Bear in the Wild

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Guy Refused To Argue…So Girlfriend Shot Him…Allegedly!

Mark Zuckerberg Surfs With Way Too Much Sunscreen on, Goes Viral!

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A Little Girl Caught Sneaking Snacks Pretends She’s Sleeping

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Firework Excitement

What Did a Guy Do in the Bedroom to Horribly Injury His Privates?!

Former Miss Kentucky is headed to the slammer for something pretty bad!

A Guy Is Caught Hoarding Illegal Tarantulas in a Motel Room

A Couple Having Sex in a Bush Get Spanked by an Angry Old Woman

A “Karen” Demands Woman Cover Up While Her Sons Stare At Bikini Butt

Watch an Alligator Try to Catch a Laser Pointer

James and Jason’s Puppy Play

Police Use Drones to Bust People for Getting Naked on a Beach

A Woman Quit Her Job to Make Six Figures a Month Acting Like a Dog

Throwback Thursday of a Woman Who Speaks After Being Struck by Lightning

The Madcap Adventures of a Couple and Their Airhorn

Kayaker captures frightening run-in with alligator!

The Worst Sunburn Ever

Police Seek Female Porn Star for Filming a Scene on a Bus Without Face Mask

Swimmer Roasted Online Over His Horrific Sunburn

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Parking Lot Tampon

Fundraiser launched for a social distancing sex toy!

Woman arrested after repeatedly breaking into neighbor’s pool to skinny dip

Woman carries her poo to her boyfriends apartment after using a broken toilet

Even a global pandemic won’t stop the “Sports Illustrated” Swimsuit Issue!

We’re All Feeling This Little Girl’s Quarantine Meltdown

And Now . . . Screaming Pug Rocket

Poop At The Library

How did two Idiot Criminals meet up?

Man accused of pouring ‘Stink Bait’ on clothes belonging to kids

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Call and Response Between a Girl and a Dolphin

This golf cart transforms into a boat!

Mom has a final destination moment!

Goat faints after backflip!

Mispronounced Words

Drone Crashes into Lake, Camera Keeps Rolling

‘Vampire-Slaying Kit’ Hits the Auction Block in England

Fast Food Chicken Shooting

Meet the Dog Making Social Distant Deliveries on His Own

Woman and Car Get Sucked into Drain, Shot Out into River

Drive-By Rescue Guy