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Dave and Chuck The Freak

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Shot His Balls Off

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Dave on Chatroulette

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Warning: Video Conferencing can lead to Embarrassment! (NSFW)


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Watch Parents Try to Dance in the “Blinding Lights” TikTok Challenge


Don’t Insult 74-Year-Old Southside Bonnie, ‘Cause She’ll Kick Your Butt


Fishing Commission Investigation

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited a hospital treating COVID-19 patients in a hazmat suit

Frozen Dessert Pizzas are Here!

A Priest Accidentally Turns On a Video Filter Before Livestreaming Mass


A Couple Gets Into a Naked Wrestling Match in Their Car After Sex Because of a “Pee Napkin”

Toilet Paper Aisle Baby

A Car Thief Says “The Corona” Made Him Do It

A Teacher Fell Off His Chair During an Online Class


Man Arrested After Coughing in Faces of Cops, Claiming He Had COVID-19

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What Did a Naked Man, Arrested During Traffic Stop, Have Tied to His Donger?

Instagram Models Taking a Hit From Coronavirus

Extreme Close-Up Mug Shot

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Overfilling Construction Lift For Dance Party Doesn’t End Well


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