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Dave and Chuck The Freak

This golf cart transforms into a boat!


Mom has a final destination moment!


Goat faints after backflip!


Mispronounced Words

Drone Crashes into Lake, Camera Keeps Rolling

‘Vampire-Slaying Kit’ Hits the Auction Block in England

Fast Food Chicken Shooting

Meet the Dog Making Social Distant Deliveries on His Own

Woman and Car Get Sucked into Drain, Shot Out into River

Drive-By Rescue Guy

Drunk Teens try to take Friend to ER in Wheelbarrow

Another Reason to Stay Out of the Ocean: Killer Seaweed!

Putin Sings

Crazy Hail Storm Hits While Fishing


UFO Photographed Over Seattle

Haricot Vert

A Bright Fireball over Tokyo Explodes with The Force of 165 Tons of TNT


Photo-Op Nearly Results in Bear Attack


These are the only DIY rollercoasters we’re ok with


Egg cracking bicep flex


Don’t be this guy at the boat launch!


Neighborhood Fireworks Fight!?


Sex Doll Trade Website

Study Reveals The ‘Best Penis Size’ To Make A Woman Finale

Giant Wave Sweeps Newlyweds Into The Ocean During Photo Shoot

Woman Has A Live Cockroach Pulled Out Of Her Ear

Be Careful On Top

Man Shoots Window At Pizza Place Over Not Getting Enough Toppings

Florida Man Finds Himself Quarantined Alone With 200 Parrots

Diarrhea Potluck

Metro Detroit Amazon Driver Abandons Truck and Packages

Man Falls Through Floor Of Home Into 30-Foot Well

American Meth Network

Dude Waxes His Nose After Losing Bet With Wife

Possible Record For Fastest Accident After Getting A New Car

Grandma Rides Space Mountain

Guy Spends Two Months Setting Up An Epic Basketball Trick Shot

Nothing Says Summer Like Babes In Boats

Fire Stunt Goes Bad, Proving Man Isn’t Really Batman


Photographs of Tattoo Regret!

Another Mishap When Someone’s Trying To Pick Up Their Car


Highlights from the “You Could’ve Been Nicer To Me Today” TikTok Challenge


The Doctor of Jingles

A drunk shirtless man gets arrested after shoveling spaghetti in his mouth at Olive Garden

A Group Is Busted with a Truckload of Illegal Fireworks, and Three Dead Alligators

A Guy Discovers What the Ridges on Ritz Crackers Are For


There Was an Incredibly Rare All-Red Rainbow in England


Are We About to Get Macaroni-and-Cheese on Tap?

Knife In His Head

A Guy is Given a Sausage Smackdown!