Congratulations! You have been selected for the The Riff’s Big Game Bracket: Pizza Vs. Wings!

This bracket is a way to highlight some of the great businesses, like yours, around metro Detroit. There is no prize for winning this bracket, but there are always “bragging rights” and we hope you will share this with the fans of your business! Our goal is to have fun and to show off all the great items that you have to offer.

We’ve included promotional images below to make it easy for you to participate and engage with your fans. This is a great opportunity to remind people what makes your business rock!


Promotion begins Monday, January 25


Right-click the images below to save.


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Social Story 1080×1920


11×17 Poster


12a, Jan 25 to 5pm, Jan 28:  Round 1 / 32 to 16

5:01p, Jan 28 to 5p, Jan 31:  Round 2 / 16 to 8

5:01p, Jan 31 to 5p, Feb 3:  Round 3 / 8 to 4

5:01p, Feb 3 to 5p, Feb 5:  Round 4 / 4 to 2

5:01p, Feb 5 to 11am, Feb 8:  Round 5 / 2 to 1