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Senior Waiter Chuck

When Drug Deals Go Bad

Getting it on with Swingers


We Felt Like Boomers

Calm 911 Operator

Shot in the Ass

Airbnb Perv

Too Lazy To Move Your Truck

Circumcision Rage

The Crazy Kardashians

Obese Diners and Paper Underwear

Chuck’s Calf Life

Dave Would Be Catfished

Pedal Pub Chuck Luck

Slapped Over Crazy Bread

High on Mushrooms

Urinal Ass Stabbing

Dave’s Hinge Adventure

Rollercoaster Pooper

Scared at a Haunted House

Drugged at a Wedding

Fat Guy Interpreter

Don’t Trust Mystery With Grandma

Castration Cabin Under Reaction

Worst Genital Injuries

James the SexBot

James & Al Guitar Protest

Carny Magic Beans

Mouth to Mouth Cat Rescue

Dave’s New Headphones

Does Jason Momoa Have A Tiny Dong?

Big Brandy Goes Down

No More Sock Drama In Our Lives

Butthole Bounty

Dave vs. Water

Angry Chubby Florida Man

Whats Up Her Butt?

Uncomfortable House Tour

Calm Latin Truck Driver

Catfished By The News

Treating Fast Food Like A Drug Deal

Dave’s Plane Movie Reviews

Busimoto the Bus Boy

Walmart Magician

Chuck’s Tony Little Workout

Too Fat For Space

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Urine Drinking Male Model

Ordering a Moscow Mule