Papa Roach is unapologetic about their place in the nu metal subgenre. The only problem is that sometimes nu metal just doesn’t jive well with other rock subgenres.

A prime example of that came when Papa Roach was asked to take part in mtvICON: Aerosmith. This was a 2002 tribute special where many acts covered some of Aerosmith’s biggest hits. Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix touched on this in a new interview. He recalls the band being approached by MTV to take part in the special. Shaddix said the network wanted the band to perform “Sweet Emotion.”

Papa Roach’s cover received a lot of negative feedback, and Shaddix has admitted the cover “was bad.” He said of Aerosmith’s reaction to the cover, “I could tell that they were just kind of, like, ‘Hmm, that was loud.’ We were young numbskulls playing, like, I mean, nu metal!”

Shaddix did note the band certainly gave it their all. Alas, it was perhaps a poor fit to have a prominent nu metal band try and cover one of the most iconic classic rock songs ever.

Currently, Papa Roach is among more suitable company on the road with Shinedown on their Revolutions Live tour. Their next show is on September 13 in Syracuse, NY. A full list of tour dates is available at

11 Butt Rock Songs that Actually Rule

With Creed reuniting for the first time in a decade, we can’t help but explore a certain controversial subgenre: Butt Rock.

The origins and definition of Butt Rock are murky, at best. One listing on Urban Dictionary defines the subgenre as, “A style of hard rock & heavy metal music that is watered down both musically and lyrically to garner maximum radio play and mainstream acceptance.” Typically, Butt Rock bands cropped up in the late ’90s and throughout the aughts. However, other Urban Dictionary definitions classify ’80s hair metal as Butt Rock, too.

Perhaps, Butt Rock is truly in the ear of the beholder. It might just be a derogatory term rock fans use on bands they don’t like. For the sake of this list, we’re classifying Butt Rock in relation to music released in the late ’90s and throughout the aughts.

Without further ado, here are 11 Butt Rock songs that actually rule.

  • Creed - “Higher”

    The way the pre-chorus ramps up into the chorus never fails to hit. Plus, the video for “Higher” with all of Scott Stapp’s Jesus Christ poses still holds up. Don’t care what any hater says!

  • Nickleback - “Burn It to the Ground”

    Whether you have no class, no taste, no shirt or are sh*t faced, this Nickelback banger always gets people going. If you say otherwise, you’re obviously lying.

  • 3 Doors Down - “Kryptonite”

    An outstanding debut single, 3 Doors Down’s “Kryptonite” still holds up over two decades since its release. It might also have the biggest earworm of a riff on this list, too, and there are a lot of them.

  • Buckcherry - “Crushed”

    Frankly, there are a bunch of great Buckcherry songs that could’ve been included on this list. We decided to go with a bit of a deep cut from their 1999 self-titled debut. “Crushed” has a meat-and-potatoes rhythm track that’s undeniable and is a perfect song about a rock star that loves taking to the stage for a show.

  • Saliva - “I Walk Alone”

    A number of WWE entrance themes from the late ’90s/early aughts were Butt Rock gems. One of the standouts was Saliva’s “I Walk Alone,” which was Batista’s theme. Still can’t get over the splash he’s made in recent years as Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

  • Hinder - “Use Me”

    Already know what you’re thinking: “Shouldn’t ‘Lips of an Angel’ really be on here?” No! Quit giving that philandering nonsense masquerading as a love song the time of day! Instead, give a genuinely fun, sleazy song like “Use Me” your full attention. It’s a better song, too.

  • Theory of a Deadman - “Bad Girlfriend”

    Okay, so after that little “Lips of an Angel” rant, it might seem hypocritical to then transition to “Bad Girlfriend.” Wrong! This Theory of a Deadman jam doesn’t romanticize the titular “Bad Girlfriend”; it’s simply just matter-of-fact. This girlfriend truly is bad!

    Also, never forget that every “Bad Girlfriend” is someone’s daughter. Now that this song might be ruined for some of you, never forget it’s also crazy catchy.

  • Rev Theory - “Hell Yeah”

    If you were a sports fan or were a fan of the show Blue Mountain State, there was a period of time in the late aughts-early 2010s where Rev Theory’s “Hell Yeah” was inescapable. Seriously can’t count how many sporting events played this song before a game or during a time out. It was everywhere!

  • Shinedown - “45”

    Shinedown have seemingly defied and surpassed their butt rock beginnings and are stronger than ever today. However, make no mistake: “45” is very much a butt rock song.

  • Papa Roach - “Last Resort”

    Papa Roach has beat the odds and is still active today. It’s still hard to believe this track was released in 2000, because it does not feel 20+ years old.

  • Chad Kroeger ft. Josey Scott - “Hero”

    There aren’t enough killer soundtrack songs anymore! Long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe truly took hold of pop culture, we were introduced to Tobey Maguire in 2002’s Spider-Man and this grand tune written and sung by Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger. It also featured Saliva’s Josey Scott, which literally doubled the Butt Rock energy. What more could an aughts rock fan want?!

Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock news blogger who's well-versed in etiquette and extraordinarily nice. #TransRightsAreHumanRights

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