This time around Dave found a holiday themed cereal that he thought was just a rebranding of a favorite Halloween time cereal…Count Chocula!

Dave brought in a box of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Hot Cocoa cereal for us all to try and see if they really just put the Count Chocula in a different box. Will the Rudolph cereal taste different then the Count Chocula?

Watch as Dave, Chuck, James, Al and Jason all give it a taste and share what they think about this holiday breakfast cereal.

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Dave and Chuck's Top Mugshots of 2022

Some of you did some mischievous things in 2022 giving us the top mugshots of 2022! Hoping for a more legal year in 2023!

  • Probably Higher Than You Think

    We hope he learns his lesson in 2023!

    How many times has this guy been sentenced for drunk driving?
  • That's One Place To Store Things

    Listen, your body, your choice but make sure the items belong to you!

    Two Women Busted After Hiding Stolen Valuables in Their Genitals
  • Cue Up 'Saturday Night's Alright'

    You think his parents were bigger fans of ‘Crocodile Rock’ or ‘Tiny Dancer?’

    Was Elton John Busted for DUI?
  • He-Man Would NEVER Do This!

    Yikes times 1000!

    What did a woman that looks like He-Man do to get arrested?
  • You Can Purchase These On The Internet

    You can purchase used under garments on the Internet for anyone considering doing this.

    Suspected Underwear Thief Arrested!
  • He Certainly Stole James and Chuck's

    Stole some hearts after stealing some items.

    Is This Crook Wanted For Stealing Hearts?!
  • Who Doesn't Love a Man in Uniform?

    Still can’t do this though.

    A woman acts very inappropriately to a cop when he responded to a call
  • Applying Make-Up is Hard

    Anyone who’s ever attempted doing make-up for a night out or a Halloween costume knows, it can be tough!

    Bad Makeup For This Trespassing Suspect
  • We Don't Recommend This

    Based on his mugshot, we assume he’s had other things up there as well.

    Guy Threatened Casino with a Grenade Hidden in His Butt
  • That's Not The Law

    Once again, don’t take your clothes off in public.

    Lawyer Strips Nude at Bar When Manager Refused To Serve Her


  • 50 Shades of Yowza!

    That escalated quickly.

    Woman Arrested for Giving “50 Shades of Ass Beatings”


  • Caught Red Handed

    Dead ringer in the police line-up.

    Thieves Caught in the Act of Stealing Catalytic Convertors!
  • Face Tat Distraction

    Maybe he thought people wouldn’t notice because of his rad face tattoos?

    Man Arrested Again While Awaiting Trial For Exposing Himself
  • Don't Livestream Your Crime

    Weird flex.

    An Ohio Holiday Inn Standoff!
  • She's Got Attitude

    It’s one thing to say it, but it’s a whole different level to get it tattooed on your neck!

    Woman Arrested With Expletive Neck Tattoo
  • Straight Outta Florida

    Only a handful of places this would  happen in the States.

    Florida rapper arrested following jet ski chase!
  • No Means No

    Consent is key, people.

    What Did a Creepy Old Guy Try with Another Dude?
  • Always Lock Your Doors

    Lock your doors no matter what!

    Florida Woman Caught Breaking Into Car!
  • That's Not A Motor Vehicle

    Can’t drive a golf cart drunk. Can’t drive a golf cart on the highway.

    Mugshot of the Day: Florida Woman Drives Golf Cart on Highway While Drunk!
  • History Repeats Itself

    Can’t way we didn’t see this one coming.

    Serial Flasher Busted Exposing Himself!
  • Talk About Cutting Corners

    Do your research before you hire someone.

    Guy Hired To Clean Up Junk, Just Dumps It On The Road
  • It Was A Joke!

    Sure, sure. But just to be safe, we’re going to arrest you.

    Guy Makes Threats in Character as The Joker Then Claims He was Kidding!
  • We Have Some Questions

    How? What?

    Mugshots of the Day: Crazy Eyed Florida Woman and A Darksided Guy’s Effed Up Nose!

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