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Fundraising for The Salvation Army

Help The Salvation Army spread love this Christmas and beyond! By donating to my fundraising page you help support Metro Detroit's most vulnerable. The funds raised during Celebrity Bell Ring Weekend will go directly toward feeding, housing, clothing, and counseling our neighbors in need.


Happy National Drummers Day - Meltdown

So, they tell me it’s National Drummers Day. I thought that would be a good excuse to make a list of some of my favorite drummers….obviously! Here’s a few; in no particular order, but Neil always goes first. Oh, and one who plays pots and pans.


  • As if there's any others....the Professor, Neil peart

  • Ray Luzier from Korn. This guy's an absolute BEAST!

  • Tommy Lee....what more needs to be said.

  • Danny Carey. Behind Neil Peart, this guy is fantastic.

  • Chad Smith. It's almost like there's nothing he can't play!

  • Dave Lombardo. As far as Thrash drummers go, he's hard to top.

  • John Bonham. I started thinking what he would've done had he lived.....I though my head was going to explode.

  • Tony Miranada....ok, he's a friend of mine, but he does get paid so that makes him a professional. He's actually done session work for many well known artists. Oh, and no one else here did a solo on pots and pans.

    Keith Moon: Classic Images of the Iconic Drummer

  • Shannon Larkin and Sully Erna. Everytime this comes up in their concert, I have to watch it.