(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Ginger the Pitbull is a new internet sensation that has more dramatic acting skills than some Hollywood actors. If you are a pet owner, doing the dog’s nails is a chore. My two dogs Mookie and Jett the Rock dog are impossible to have their nails done. You also have to be careful of how you cut the nails so they don’t bleed. You have to outsmart the dog and trick them before they realize what fate is coming. Hats off to dog groomers everywhere for what they do behind the scene.

Now, back to Ginger the Pitbull’s acting skills. She faints when her owner tries to cut her nails. It’s a little over dramatic but wins an Oscar for her performance. The cuteness factor is off the rails on this one. The holidays are coming so fast, so I would like to remind you to adopt a rescue pet this Christmas and give life to a needy pet. It will be a gift you will thank yourself for doing this year.


Video of overdramatic dog pretending to FAINT when owner tries to trim her nails goes viral | Maya Devi | NewsBreak Original

A funny clip of a pit bull pretending to faint when his owner tried to trim her nails had gone viral on social media. A cute little Pit Bull, Ginger, has a peculiar behavior. She despises getting her nails cut so much that she pretends to faint in an effort to avoid having them done.

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