Haunted Michigan

Welcome to episode 2 of Haunted Michigan. All throughout the month of October we’ll debut new episodes every Monday. This episode features two completely different, but very interesting conversations.

John E.L. Tenny and Jessica Knapik are first. They host a podcast called What’s Up Weirdo, and are heavy into the paranormal and other strange things. We talk about Cryptids like Moth Man, Dog Man and others. Jessica and John tell us about “Melon heads”, UFOs, and lectures they have coming up. They both tell me where the scariest areas in Michigan are, as well as the scariest buildings. The Whitney comes up, again, as they tell me some crazy stories about that place. Oh, and body pits….yeah, and SO MUCH more. These guys are vast in their knowledge and passion of the paranormal.

Brian Danhausen rounds out the show, in a completely different direction. Like many guests I’ve talked with, Brian has also been touched by spirits. He paints Tarot cards, he’s written books, and lots more. He tells me about some very haunted places in Michigan, including a local firehouse. I’m just gonna say this……he has some wild stories to tell! Plus, we talk a little about his famous son. This is a very interesting conversation.