My kids are past the Trick R’ Treating days, but Northville was always our favorite place to go haunting. On Halloween they close most of the town to cars between 6 – 8pm for the kids to collect scary goodies. Once the siren fires off from the fire department, it’s go time!

Most of the houses participate, some much more than others. I recall one house would have a full-fledged play every year. It was crazy! The play would last 8 – 10 minutes, they would take a break, then do it all over again. One year it was the Ed Skellington show, a takeoff on the old Ed Sullivan show. Very clever!

The wife and I decided to take in Northville on Sunday night. Since the pandemic, they’ve closed some of the streets and there remain areas were you can walk through the streets to other restaurants and bars. The streets are now adorned with skeletons decorated for various local businesses. Check it out if you can.



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