In a recent interview, bassist Robert Trujillo was asked to name the Metallica song to start a listener’s journey into discovering Metallica. His choice was a solid one and one I might pick as well…”Disposable Heroes.” What a great track! That song takes the listener through an eight-minute complete journey of musical expression. I mean, really, that whole album does. Master of Puppets is a downright masterpiece.

Here’s my top three songs for anyone who has never heard the Bay area legends…but I have to ask, how could you have never heard Metallica?

Since “Disposable” has been taken, “Master Of Puppets” is an easy pick. Yes, I was a huge fan of this song long before it was used in “Stranger Things.” LOL! Eight minutes of thrash goodness. As with most Metallica songs, it gets better- much better with age.

I know, some of you will scoff at a pick from The Black Album. Fair enough. But don’t forget, that album catapulted the band into superstardom. Just for that, I’m picking “Sad But True.” A thick, prodding classic. Heavy in every sense of the word.

For my final pick, it’s “One.” This song takes the listener in so many directions. Its slow start and manic ending shows off Metallica at it’s best!


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