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What a Riff Fest! Thank you to everyone who came up to me to say “hello”, share a friendly word, wave, or scream while we were on stage between bands. There was a great energy in the air Saturday. A special thanks to our sponsors…your Detroit Ram Truck Dealers and Bet Rivers. And of course, to all the bands. All of them put on a fantastic show!

It was really cool to catch up with Dorothy. Her Gifts From The Holy Ghost album is one of the best of the year. You can watch the interview I did with her right here.

Dorothy Interview with Meltdown at RIFF Fest 2022

Dorothy and I before she took to the stage.

Another band I was stoked to see was PLUSH. I’ve actually interviewed them a few times, but never met them in person….and I’d obviously never watched them live. What a band!


The girls from PLUSH and yours truly.


PLUSH on stage


Introducing PLUSH on stage.

I also had the chance to interview Dan Donegan from Disturbed. What was so cool about that was that they’d just announced their new album the previous day which gave us a lot to talk about. They even have a song with Ann Wilson from Heart on the upcoming record. Divisive drops November 18th.

Disturbed Interview with Meltdown at RIFF Fest 2022

Interviewing Dan from Disturbed. Ignore the notes under my left foot. LOL


Also fun to see my friends in Dirty Honey. Killer live band!!


Dirty Honey

In This Moment is an awesome live band to see! Maria Brink is the queen of theatrics. The band was tight, loud and put on a GREAT show for the fans.








Overall, it was another great Riff Fest! Thank you to everyone who made that possible…..


Looking Back at Past Riff Fests (photos)