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Football crowd

The University of Utah clobbered Southern Utah University 73-7 on Saturday, most of the Utes’ fans in attendance didn’t spend much of the game watching the action on the field. Instead, they were checking out what was going on in the stands, which was more entertaining.

In the stands, two women were spotted cheering on the college team, wearing nothing but body paint from their waists up. According to one fan in the stands “They had a haphazard, just kind of sloppy paint on their back, and we’re like, ‘Is that all they’re wearing?,” says fan Melea Johnson, who attended the game with her children. “We didn’t know, and our first instinct is we have our kids with us and oh my gosh, we have to shield them.”

The women did put their shirts on after they were approached by security personnel, police have launched a search for the scantily-clad fans, according to the Salt Lake City Police Department.

I Am Appalled….here’s the pictures.


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