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Acey Slade joined me on my “Talkin’ Rock” podcast to talk about the 20th anniversary of “Beyond The Valley of The Dolls.” Great album!

There’s been a lot made of this in the press lately, and Acey is here to set things straight from his side of events. “You know, I’m just in the position where it’s like if I reply to anything else, we’re going to be spending all of our days talking about who’s right and who’s wrong,” he told me. “And the point to all this was to talk about how awesome Wednesday is. How awesome Joey is. How awesome Ben is, Eric and myself, and the five of us together…it was an awesome band.”

We discuss the album, why it was one of the best times of his life, touring on that album and more. What a great dude! Acey talks candidly about his sobriety, horror movies, why he devolved his coffee brand and lots more. Check out the full thing below.


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