(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

The Detroit Lions are in the national spotlight thanks to their feature on HBO’s “Hard Knocks. The team was back on the small screen Tuesday night (Aug. 24) for the third edition of HBO’s annual training camp series, and wow, is head coach Dan Campbell causing a stir.

Campbell is breaking the internet with his fiery “Hard Knocks” speech. CBS Sports even dubbed him “the winner” of the episode, stating, “As per usual. The man just keeps oozing optimism and testosterone. Yes, he’s basically a walking Football Guy stereotype, complete with confusing and/or hyperbolic metaphors (this time his big speech involved shaking a pair of dusty pants to represent … cleaning up little mistakes). But it’s not hard to see why the Lions like playing for him. He cares.”

Check out this “shake your pants” footage below. I mean, Campbell is telling the team that they have to shake the last bit of losing out of themselves to get to the goal. And he’s shaking pants doing it. This is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen, and I love it! Okay- I admit I was a bit unsure about Campbell last season. He hadn’t really proved to me that he was the guy to finally bring the Lions to victory. But, the dude is frigging eccentric and passionate, and I love that. I’m all in now, Dan.

Dan Campbell on Fire:

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