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Okay, it’s always heartbreaking to see a Michigan city at the bottom of a “best of” list, but now we are even at the bottom of a fabricated study on zombies. You have to admit, it’s pretty hilarious, though.

The crew at LawnLove.com has put together a study to determine the best cities to survive a zombie apocalypse. Because, you never know, right? “In the (unlikely?) event of a zombie uprising, where do the living have the best chance of making it out alive?” the website states. “Inspired by the CDC’s Zombie Preparedness 101 guide, Lawn Love dug through the data graveyard to rank 2022’s Best Cities for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse.” They compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities on 26 key indicators of zombie invasion-preparedness, including the share of the living population in poor health and access to “bunkers,” hunting-gear stores and supermarkets. They used their rankings and in-depth analysis to come up with the final results.

So, which city should we escape during a zombie apocalypse? Detroit, as the Motor City is ranked No. 194 out of 200 when it comes to surviving. There is a bright spot, however, as Grand Rapids is No. 26 on the list. So, when the zombies hit, we’ll have to pack our bags and head west. The best city to survive a zombie apocalypse is Orlando, Florida, followed by Salt Lake City, Utah; Honolulu, Hawaii; Portland, Oregon; and Colorado Springs, Colorado. Find the full list here.

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