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Do you think it’s blasphemous that former Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford’s No. 9 is going to a new Lions player? Some people aren’t too happy about it, but it’s part of the game, as they say.

It’s not like they’re going to retire the number. I mean, this is the NFL.

Rookie Jameson Williams getting to wear the prized No. 9, which is causing a stir. Actually, we don’t even know if we’ll see the number on the field, as Williams is recovering from a torn ACL in January. He has been in at training camp, though. As it turns out, the Alabama player officially switched his number Wednesday, but first, he reached out to Stafford, according to per ESPN’s Eric Woodyard. That’s a cool move.

“I mean, absolutely — we want get him out there as fast as possible, and is it crucial,” Lions coach Dan Campbell said of Williams during minicamp. “It is crucial, but not until he get his strength up. He needs a lot of strength development in that body, his lower extremities — legs, knees, everything. So, until he’s able to stabilize himself, and really get some strength that we feel good about to where he can protect himself… protect that knee, and he can compete, and compete at a high level, we’re not going to put him out there.”

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