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The most popular response to headline is likely…cause was high, but there’s more to it.  He was high and confused on what the legality is with meth.

The police caught a man lighting up a glass pipe in St. Petersburg, Florida, but the guy told them, quote, “Meth is legal now.”  It’s not.

The man was busted on a felony drug possession charge, as well as resisting police.


Guy Fieri is Apparently a Massive Rage Against the Machine Fan

Guy Fieri is the Mayor of Flavortown, as we all know, but he might also be president of the Rage Against the Machine fan club, too.

Rage finally kicked off their reunion tour on July 9 in East Troy, Wis. after it had been long delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. As of publishing, the band has performed 12 shows so far, and Fieri has either tweeted about or has been spotted at three of those shows: The July 27 show in Cleveland, the July 29 show in Pittsburgh and the July 31 show in Raleigh.

Scroll through the tweets below to see Fieri getting his Rage on and even appearing on the band’s massive stage screen during a show.