Pic by Screamin

A Michigan original! Vernors, a product out now from the Dr. Pepper/7Up company, after a long tradition has decided to introduce a new flavor of Vernors. Black Cherry Vernors has hit store shelves as of this week, and finding it, I haven’t seen a craze since Faygo released their Firecracker version.

I went to several stores to find out it was sold out. In a last ditch effort, I went to a overcrowded Walmart near my residence, and low and behold, I found a few 12-packs of the product. Employees there said they had a few pallets that went quickly last night, as consumers snatched it up left and right.

For my taste test experiment, I used a huge glass mug packed with ice and poured the liquid to see if it had the same effect as original Vernors, which it did. The color is a beautiful black cherry hue that fills the glass and lots of carbonated bubbles surround the ice.

As for taste, I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor that was bursting a really fine black cherry flavor, which made it very enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong- I’m already starting to think of what alcohol I can fix with it to make a cocktail to enjoy the rest of the summer. That will be for another post in the future! I must experiment first.

The only downfall is I don’t think when I’m running a 101 temperature and feeling a Michigan cold coming on that this version of Vernors will snap me out of my illness like original Vernors. My next experiment will be a Black Cherry Vernors float. Overall, I give it an 8.7 on the new Vernors Michigan Original Black Cherry Ginger Soda.


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